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Safety & security in offshore wind: Leverage lessons from other industries

Get ahead by learning about key challenges in offshore wind safety of personnel, reliability of power supply and cybersecurity in offshore wind.

Offshore wind is quickly becoming a mission-critical power source for nations and regions, and governments are setting ambitious targets for its use. As a result of the industry’s rapid growth, resource, skill and delivery capacity gaps are surfacing in both mature EU markets as well as emerging offshore wind markets like the US, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. These gaps threaten the delivery of safe, reliable & secure offshore wind power and could harm the sector’s reputation overall.

Never before have safety of people, reliability of power supply and cybersecurity been so important for offshore wind as they’re becoming now.

Join us for an hour-long webinar as we explore safety and security solutions for trends and challenges:

  • Personnel safety on offshore wind platforms
  • Cybersecurity
  • Management of unmanned OFS
  • Mission-critical communications
  • And more!

Safety of personnel, reliable power supply and cybersecurity impact the design, construction and operation of offshore wind assets – from WTGs through to offshore substations, offshore pooling stations, onshore substations and remote monitoring + control centers. Take advantage of the lessons already learned in Offshore wind and by other industries and start applying them today!


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