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Product Release Västerås, Sweden 21-12-2022

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Release of Integrated Engineering Tool IET600 version 5.4 FP2

Integrated Engineering Tool IET600 version 5.4 FP2

We are pleased to announce the new release of IET600 version 5.4 Feature Pack 2 (5.4.215)

Integrated Engineering Tool IET600 provides a simple, flexible and consistent approach to substation automation system engineering. It enables engineers to design and configure the systemwide IEC 61850 communication dataflow between IEDs by featuring powerful graphical interfaces to design the substation topology and the physical communication infrastructure. The complete system is documented in an IEC 61850 standard-compliant and reusable SCD file, allowing an efficient and consistent multi-vendor system integration.

In this IET600 release, IEC 61850 Edition 2 Tissues have been analyzed and if applicable implanted. The IEC 61850 edition compatibility check has been extended, to not only consider Edition 1 to Edition 2 compatibility, but also Edition 2 to Edition 2.1 compatibility.

Please read all the details in the release note.