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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 06-05-2020

2 min read

Ammar Naji- My Power Grids Story

I am proud to be Power Grids because we are all treated with the same respect regardless of our job titles. “People” is constantly the key focus in the organisation

"It is rather the simple stuff that inspires me—how happy my community is in a shopping mall (pre-Covid19 era!) that is powered by our transformers; the confidence I hear in one of our partner’s voice when he calls me up requesting for a product because he trusts no manufacturer will give him the attention he deserves as much as us; or getting that phone call from my manager every time I travel with no purpose but only to check on my wellbeing.

We are FAMILY outside of HOME. We are the type of people you can easily socialize with, outside working hours! As a matter of fact, we do not spare an occasion to be with each other (projects award celebrations, birthdays, paintball, etc). I believe this speaks volume about the relationship we have at work. Of course, not with everyone due to different circumstances but the overall ambience is quite friendly.

More importantly, throughout the years, I do not remember coming across anyone who is not willing to share the lessons she/he learned. The wealth of accumulated experience and knowledge among the Power Grids family is incalculable.

The Power Grids team, at all levels, has a solid belief that being Green is the only way to make us part of tomorrow. What I can say is that in Power Grids, being Green is not about being “trendy;” but rather, it is a necessity to maintain to be an active contributor in today’s world. I cannot think of one project that we have executed without getting into a heated debate trying to answer the question: how could our solution be more efficient? It is along many other attributes that attract clients and end users to Power Grids solutions and products.

I am very much intrigued by the Japanese culture in general. I believe that they have a lot to offer to the world. It will be super interesting to witness how power grids with its global presence and very diverse background will integrate into Hitachi.”