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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 23-06-2020

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Silvia Mollame - My Power Grids Story

Silvia shares that she is proud to have been given the opportunity to work with the highest level of technology and contribute to make a social and cultural change.

“I am proud to be a Woman Engineer at Power Grids because I am given the opportunity to work with the highest level of technology and at the same time, I believe I am contributing to make a social and cultural change. Leading a team in Engineering at PG and being the only women in the team, I feel the commitment to bring awareness to my colleagues and empower other women within and outside the organisation.

Working at PG brings value to our future with great quality and technology, while caring about people.

I am inspired by the continuous challenge to find the best sustainable solution for customers and PG itself. We use our product expertise and knowledge to serve clients, with the final goal to meet their needs and still make a profitable growth possible.

Being in PG is giving me the unique chance to work in a worldwide scenario and to interact with customer from all over the world. I get to partake to a very heterogenous environment, we can leverage on our excellent heritage and still count on continuous collaboration with the rest of the organization.

With the PG organisation, present in more than 90 countries globally, cultural diversity is prevalent. Diversity for me means power and strength. We are worth something as a team because we are all different as individual-- the real key to our success.

Our unique team is working to make Power Transformer, one of the earlier technologies in the energy industry, more modern and more sustainable, to increase the efficiency and develop eco-compatible designs, while improving product life through smart accessories and advanced monitoring.

I am excited to developing our products even more. With our JV with Hitachi, I am excited with the possibility of sharing each other’s expertise and enhance our presence in the market, considering the different cultural perspectives and its potential.

*Silvia is one of the 14 female experts in Power Grids chosen to be part of the Female Talent Development Program (FTDP) an accelerator program to reach our D&I ambition of increasing gender diversity to 25% by 2025, with a focus on top leadership positions."