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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 03-07-2020

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I am proud to be Power Grids because of the fact that our core business, our products and solutions enable the integration of renewables globally contributing to a more sustainable and equal society and to fight climate change.

"The willingness and strong drive to improve and support our business, the transparency and openness, the diversity of the team members’ background and the fun that we have together—I am very proud of all of them! Even in days where nothing seems to work and problems arise from every corner – in fact, especially on those days - as a team, we try to cheer each other up and never lose the sense of humour.

There are so many inspiring people out there and many of those are within the team! Besides my fantastic team, I have the privilege to be part of the PG Female Talent Development Program where I am learning so much from all my talented female peers.

The opportunity to interact globally with so many internal and external stakeholders, and to work together to define sustainable solutions which create value for all; in the short, medium and long term, is indeed something that makes me inspired.

Within my role in the HSE and Sustainability Team, I am leading projects such as the stakeholder engagement process, where we identify what topics are “material” in terms of Sustainability for Hitachi ABB Power Grids. These “material topics” help us to define impactful actions that not only fulfill our stakeholder expectations but also bring value to them and to our business.  One example of those actions would be the carbon assessment that we performed - led by my colleague Johanna Flood. We know now where our biggest carbon footprint is and how we can reduce our climate impact from the business.

I am really looking forward to collaborating.

Now that we have come together with Hitachi - a large company with many sectors going beyond the transmission and distribution of energy, but all deeply rooted in sustainable principles and innovation which aim to contribute to a better society - I am really looking forward to collaborating! The more, the merrier! As an employee of Hitachi ABB Power Grids, I think it is really exciting to be able to work together in products and solutions to our common aim, while having the opportunity of learning and being exposed to totally different business sectors."