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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 24-11-2020

2 min read

My Power Grids Story - Mohamed Hosni

I am proud to be Power Grids because I take part in delivering the promise of a sustainable energy for the future. I am proud to be part of the world’s leading supplier of power and automation services with global technical expertise and vision.

As technology and market leader, Hitachi ABB Power Grids accelerates its digitalization portfolio. This enables our grids to be more reliable and flexible.  Leveraging technology and collaboration is key to providing our customers with a reliable, greener and sustainable power grid. Moreover, digitalization improves the safety, productivity, accessibility and sustainability of energy systems around the world. 

As my work is focused in dealing with digital solutions, I am proud to be part of an endeavour that has a positive impact on the industry. With the growing market trends, meeting customers' needs motivates me to be more customer-focused. By listening to the industry and customer needs and understanding innovative technology portfolio, we can push the industry further and boost the generation and distribution of green energy. 

I take pride in being part of a diverse multicultural organization with a common vision. We have come together as one by leveraging technology and collaboration across stakeholders and countries. Sharing the vision of providing customers with safe and sustainable grid, we enhance growth and allow for knowledge transfer, which makes us benefit from diverse ideas.  By fusing the latest in energy and digital thinking, we can close the gap for the issues in reliable energy and contribute to the society.