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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 27-01-2021

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My Power Grids Story - Megha Bhambhani

I am proud to be Power Grids because I am proud to be part of a team that works on innovative digital offerings for the benefit of customers.

As part of Hitachi ABB power transformer design team, I work closely with the Research & Development (R&D) team on digitalization project. The R&D team sends to us the latest digital assets, which are to be tested on existing transformers. The results of these tests are critical in helping us decide if the innovations are ready to roll out into the market. 

Digitalization offers decarbonization, which means removing carbon-producing energy sources from society and energy system. Our main aim is to drive digital transformation energy grids forward because it is the crucial step towards successful energy transition. We want to integrate renewables on massive scale, as well as charging points into energy systems.  These won’t work without digital transformation in grids.  

We likewise offer digital operating system for grids. Through our platform, we digitize the planning and operation processes of grid operators and help them become more efficient in those processes. With our software, we help system operators to integrate renewables faster into grids.  

The future of Power Grids and Hitachi is exciting. Combining Power Grid’s advanced digital grid solutions and Hitachi’s digital technology will certainly make a global digital leader. Together, we will promote a culture that motivates people to build high-quality products and create an environmentally committed and sustainability-driven society.