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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 08-05-2021

2 min read

Seon Bin Kim, Korea

I am proud to be Power Grids because we are not afraid of change. We are leading the market in working towards a carbon-neutral energy future.

"After we joined Hitachi, we got exposed to a new office environment and management team. These changes encouraged me to improve on myself, to achieve better results to enable a more sustainable grid.

The Korean government recently announced the Green New Deal (70.5GW target capacity - 45.6GW from Solar and 24.9GW from Wind by 2034). As a renewable champion of South Korea, I am leading the renewable business by cross BUs & account managers collaboration so that Hitachi ABB Power Grids helps customers along the complete value-chain to design, generate, connect, monitor and control power from renewable power plants as well as to maintain and optimize customers’ systems.

Everyone in the team works together to achieve this goal. From the Market Manager, to Sales, and Service, we listen to each other and accept the different points of view. The culture of collaboration and trust is the best! As a team, we get to build and maintain a great network to enable personal and business growth. We listen customers’ voice and needs—which then help us to fulfil our customer’s expectation in their own sustainable growth goals.

Coming together with Hitachi, it is exciting that we get to concentrate on our core business - power. Hitachi ABB Power Grids is committed to provide access to growing markets like renewables. Both South Korea and Japan have similar natural environment surrounded by the sea that have potential offshore wind market. To support the customers who have challenges in offshore wind power plant, we can develop the market and support the customer together."