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Meet Our People Garruchos, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 31-03-2022

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Lara Goulart de Matos, Women in Service

Lara Goulart de Matos, #ProudToBeHitachiEnergy

My name is Lara Goulart de Matos, 22 years old, currently an intern in Hitachi Energy's Control and Protection department. I work directly on site at our customer's substation in Garruchos, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. My role is to support in locating faults in systems and equipment. These include maintenance and operation activities with all HVDC system safety and quality requirements. What I like most is the quality of the preservation of the client's assets, the search for technologies that aim to minimize failures and keep the whole system safe.

Working in Hitachi Energy, I see that there is a pursuit of equity and diversity within the field of power transmission. This allows me to work with many people across the organization. I get a broader view of what all of our services mean to our customers. A place that offers opportunity to everyone is a welcoming place.

People tell me I have a strong willpower and determination to achieve my goals. One of my favorite parts about my job is that it is challenging. Even in the face of the difficulties imposed by society in the labor market, such as the low adherence of women in this sector, it is very important to keep setting goals. I see it as an opportunity to expand my skills and make a big impact.

Lara Goulart de Matos

I am proud to be Hitachi Energy because it allows me to contribute to a promising future with technologies like the MACH2 system and to maintain it. My team acts directly to keep it healthy. This system is of great relevance and demonstrates the importance of quality to the site. It also shows the customer's confidence in the service provided by the Control and Protection team. There are so many new people to learn from. My advice is if you have a keen interest, try to get the necessary experience to better understand the setup of this industry. Simply go for it!