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Open rack passive filter solution for reducing harmonics in medium and high-voltage networks

Modern electrical equipment imposes stringent demands on voltage stability and power quality.

The power network can tolerate only a limited level of harmonics and other electrical disturbances. By installing passive harmonic filters in medium/high-voltage networks, several benefits can be obtained:

  • Higher power factor, improved voltage stability and lower network losses 
  • Filtering of harmonics in the system to acceptable levels
  • Lowering of resonance problems and amplification of electrical disturbances

A “clean” network creates much less strain on equipment and lengthens its life span. This results in a lower maintenance cost and the cost for replacing worn-out equipment.

Hitachi Energy passive harmonic filters are the ideal solution to render medium/high-voltage networks more efficient and trouble-free.


Any small and large medium/high-voltage utility, and industrial installations where harmonics need to be filtered.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Competence to support filter projects from beginning to end. During the entire course of the project, we concentrate on cooperation and dialogue with the customer, so that the best solution possible is selected and attained.
  • Measurement and analysis of harmonic content in the grid to develop the ideal solution
  • The most efficient solution to reduce harmonics is by choosing between different types of filter solutions
  • Delivers complete packages including capacitors, reactors, resistors and instrument transformers
  • Vast experience in the filtering field results in designs that provide reliable operation in all climates, from the arctic cold to tropical heat
Models BP, HP or C
Voltage 1-550 kV
Power >3 Mvar
Fundamental frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Tuning frequency Optional
Installation Indoor or outdoor
Capacitors CHDB, CHDE, CHDF
Reactor Air or iron core

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