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Energy Distribution

Energy Distribution Solutions

Distribution networks play a critical part in the energy journey, ensuring a secure and reliable supply of power to end users across the world. 

These networks need to remain resilient in adverse weather, deliver power to the top of mountains and to inner cities, collect microgeneration from solar panels, provide the energy for electric vehicles, and much more.

Hitachi Energy can partner with you to develop sustainable, distributed energy solutions that reduce carbon emissions and support your network to be resilient and reliable in the toughest of conditions. Our solutions and team of dedicated experts can help you deliver value to your stakeholders and the communities in which you operate, all while promoting smart city strategies and e-Mobility networks.

The benefits we bring to energy distribution

Aerial view of a high voltage substation.

Expansion & modernization

Your distribution network faces the dual challenge of rapid electrification - which requires more capacity to be added to the grid - along with upgrading and modernizing the network that already exists. Discover how Hitachi Energy can support you on your growth journey.

Two specialist electrical substation engineers inspect modern high-voltage equipment during sunset. Energy. Industry

Resilience & reliability

Your customers expect a stable and reliable power supply, regardless of whether there's a blue sky or storms. Discover the solutions Hitachi Energy has for keeping the lights on and getting your customers connected quickly.

Solar energy panels, wind power and electricity pylons seen in Germany

Flexibility & value

As the demands on your distribution network have changed from simply delivering electricity to end users, today's challenges present new opportunities for growth and value. Discover how Hitachi Energy can bring expertise and experience to help you create a flexible and dynamic grid of the future.


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Our distribution energy solutions help reduce carbon emissions and secure power supply.

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