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Vegetation Manager

Manage tree growth before they cause power outages

Utilities understand the importance of vegetation management to grid reliability and long-term resilience—but it’s an expensive, complex, and tedious process. Without the right data, you can’t plan; without planning, you can’t prioritize; without prioritizing, critical issues go unresolved, and a hazard tree takes down part of your grid. Be proactive with prevention.

Aerial view of power line pylon in mountaineous area in Switzerland, Europe

Hitachi Vegetation Manager

A closed-loop digital solution for work planning and field patrols.

Optimize mitigation efforts against vegetation risks

Vegetation management is a cycle: You collect data, analyze it, make plans, take action, and repeat. No single solution has encompassed every element of the process—until now. Hitachi Vegetation Manager (HVM) is a connected planning toolkit that provides:

  • A web-based back-office application to manage vegetation inventories and planning efforts
  • Two native iOS field apps for ground or aerial patrol and field planning
  • Direct integration with Maxar’s best-in-class satellites
  • A single-pane-of-glass view compatible with drone, LiDAR, and other multimedia

HVM captures satellite imagery and field insights to analyze the data using artificial intelligence. It then makes optimized recommendations based on risks and business constraints. All so you can create cut plans that will ensure the right work is completed on time.

Developed from 2,000+ hours of vegetation manager input with a large utility.


Spend your O&M budget wisely

Outside of fuel, vegetation management is the largest O&M expense for most utilities—and it’s no wonder, as climate change has affected the growth, strength, and viability of trees. An article published in Energy estimated that infrastructure expenditures may rise to 25% because of climate change, largely as a result of vegetation management costs.

Make the most of scarce resources and your budget by empowering vegetation managers with insights to make the right decisions. Focus on your mission; we’ll handle the planning. It’s time to modernize vegetation management with Hitachi Vegetation Manager.

90% accurate

Vegetation infringement, health, and risk models were proven to be over 90% accurate

60% improvement

HVM improves vegetation management planning and field productivity up to 60%


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