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RTU release 12

We are proud to announce that Release 12.0 is now available. All components are available for sale and delivery now.

Benefit Feature
Reduced complexity
  • New webserver design will guide the user based on user centric design
  • HTML5 technology
  • Future proof technology
Easy engineering interface for RTU520 Web based engineering interface for RTU520 with guided workflow
Reduced engineering times Pre-engineered RTU520 approach will support a clear split between configuration and parametrization
Simplified RTU testing during engineering, FAT, SAT and after updates Forcing function of process datapoints, system events and security information based on Webserver for RTU500 series, no more special test equipment required
New Cybersecurity functions
  • Support of customer certificates (X509 based) in the new certificate store
  • Integrated firewall: enable/disable services per network interface
  • User account management according IEC62351 requirements
  • Improved encryption of password files and https
  • BDEW white paper conformance
  • Java is no longer required for Webserver
  • TLS 1.2 support in the product
  • IEC60870-5-104 secure based on TLS1.2
  • Authentication according IEEE802.1X
Localization of webserver Webserver can be translated to local languages (text, character set)
More powerful CMU's in RTU540 product line New ARM based RTU540 CMU's 540CID01 and 540CMD01
Cost efficient installation for RTU540 Wide range power supply 24..125 VDC in RTU540 series
Easy to handle RTU540 SD card and DIP switches are accessible without dismanteling the device
Successor for 560CMU05 560CMR02 supports 2 Ethernet, 6 serial (RS232 or RS485) and one IO bus backplane. For configuration USB interface available. For old bit protocols 560CMU02/05 still required
Valid time and date during startup Battery buffered realtime clock available
Reduced power consumption 560CMR02 need only 2,5 W. 50% reduction compared to 560CMU05
Easy migration Simple exchange function in RTUtil500 to replace 560CMU05 by 560CMR02 in existing projects
Space saving 110/125 VDC binary inputs for 19" racks new 560BIR01R0002 input module for 16 binary inputs
1 out of n check for RTU520 with integrated relay outputs New module 520CSD01 with 1 out n check function and 4 additional relays outputs
power plant engineer for substation

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