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Panoramic sunset city skyline. Abu Dhabi attracts 10 million people annually.
Customer Success Story

Al Dhafra PV2 Solar Project, Abu Dhabi

The world's largest single-site solar power plant

The Al Dhafra PV2 Solar project, consisting of approximately 3 million solar panels, will be the world’s largest single-site solar farm. With 2 gigawatts of power capacity, the farm will generate electricity for an estimated 160,000 homes across the AE, contributing to the shift to sustainable renewable energy. The project is expected to be put into operation by November 2022. 


To reliably integrate 2 gigawatts of new solar power generation into the grid, in a challenging hot desert environment.


620 MVA, 400 kV high-quality and durable transformers, designed to withstand the hot desert climate and intermittent solar power supply.


The high-quality and durable design delivers maximum uptime, minimizing unexpected outages and maintenance requirements.

Main data
Customer: China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC)
Product: Generator step-up transformers
Application: Renewables integration
Rating: 620 MVA, 400 kV
Location: United Arab Emirates

Products integrated

Generator step-up transformers (GSU)

Generator step-up transformers (GSU) are the critical link between the power station and the transmission network, often operated day and night at full load. They must be built to withstand extreme thermal loading without ageing prematurely. We have successfully passed the world's first and highest voltage short circuit test, on a 315 mega volt ampere (MVA), 765 kilovolt (kV) generator step up transformer (GSU).

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Panoramic sunset city skyline. Abu Dhabi attracts 10 million people annually.
15-09-2021 | 2 min read

Hitachi Energy to supply step-up transformers for world’s largest single-site solar power plant

UAE’s Al Dhafra solar project will contribute the shift to sustainable energy