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Picture of two electrical engineers using a notebook computer standing at a power station to view the planning work by producing electrical energy at high voltage electrodes.

Replace & Decommission

We help with effective replacement and responsible decommissioning to maintain grids resilience and efficiency.

When Upgrading, Retrofitting or Extending is no longer an option, assessing how an asset can be replaced is front-and-center for asset owners & operators. Building on a century of complex installations, we detail the right replacement strategy for your equipment and work together with partners to safely dispose and recycle aged equipment.

A key focus area of our teams is to provide the most advanced methods to minimize the end-of-life environmental impact of all OEM assets.​

For example, to support old equipment or cylinders filled with SF6, we offer SF6 Gas Management Support for the handling and management of the gas in an environmentally friendly environment. And you can safely dispose and recycle your aged transformer and install matching design replacement with our packaged service solution TX Life Replace.

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