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Energy Distribution

Energy Distribution

Distribution networks are navigating a growing demand for electricity with the rise of renewable energy sources, rapid urbanization, diverse applications and digital technology. Hitachi Energy sees these as opportunities to develop sustainable solutions that lower carbon emissions and promote smart city strategies and e-mobility networks.

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Establishing the pathway for the digital distribution utility

The path to becoming truly digital follows a maturity curve with predictable stages of progression. By combining our deep industry knowledge with our expansive breadth of utility-focused solutions, Hitachi Energy has developed a multi-layered approach to digitalization that results in vastly improved operations and significantly increased organizational and customer benefits for distribution utilities.
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Enabling a stronger, smarter and greener distribution grid

Starting from the field, the focus is to increase asset visibility and grid reliability. By adding automation on the device layer, utilities improve efficiency and convert the information from analog to digital format. This step is fundamental in providing asset data for more advanced applications, like analytics in higher layers. The applications found at this level can be as diverse as deployment of an AMI and simple monitoring and control of the primary equipment, to more complex actions such as like integration and monitoring of DERs.
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Unlocking new benefits & enhancing resiliency: energy storage services for the digital distribution utility

Join Hitachi Hitachi Energy's industry experts for an online discussion about Unlocking new benefits & enhancing resiliency: energy storage services for the digital distribution utility

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Our energy distribution solutions have been pivotal in helping clients overcome challenges and achieve success by ensuring reliable and efficient power supply

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