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Customer Success Story

Getting rail passengers to the airport on time

Hitachi Energy refurbished a fleet’s traction transformers for one of the world’s most punctual airport rail links

A-Train, the company that operates Arlanda Express decided in 2011 to refurbish his fleet of seven four-car electrical multiple units to improve passenger comfort and create what it calls ‘Trains of the future.’

In 2012, A-Train selected Hitachi Energy to design a fleet refurbishment solution for the Arlanda Express traction transformers – a solution that would improve equipment performance, reduce life cycle costs, and limit the risk of a power outage.

Hitachi Energy has custom-designed a new traction transformer that fits perfectly with the original 13 year-old converters and motor, and retains the existing interfaces with all the traction components and car body and retains the same weight and footprint as the original transformer while providing a huge 20 percent boost in reserve power to accommodate any future improvements to the train that require additional energy.

Alongside the traction transformer solution, Hitachi Energy provided A-train with a long-term service plan and supported other activities like on-site commissioning, oil analysis, advanced diagnostics and customer maintenance training. This service offering optimizes and extends the life cycle of the equipment and secures the operational efficiency.

Hitachi Energy completed the delivery of eight traction transformers for Arlanda Express in 2014. Each Arlanda Express EMU is equipped with one traction transformer; the eighth unit will function as a spare.

Main data
Offering Service
Traction transformers
Regional and intercity train
Power supply AC / 15 kV 16.7 Hz     
Geographical location Europe
Country Sweden
Year of commissioning 2012-2014