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Customer Success Story

Powering new generation of double-deck trains

First Hitachi Energy transformer enabling the entire traction chain to be roof mounted

Increasing passenger capacity on existing networks becomes a priority for rail operators. This can be done by using double-deck multiple train units with the best seat per train ratio available, and by improving acceleration performance to reduce travel time between stations, increasing service coverage. 

In 2010, Bombardier received from French Railways (SNCF) on behalf of the French Regions a contract to supply up to 860 double-deck Regio 2N EMUs (electrical multiple units) for regional service. Beginning of 2015, ten regions have already ordered a total of 201 trains Regio 2N.

Hitachi Energy has designed and built the world's first traction transformer that can be fully integrated into the roof design of Bombardier's latest generation double-deck trains (one unit per train).

To save space, the roof-installed traction chain features a combined cooling system between the converter and transformer. This reduces the number of special fan motors, as well as costs and weight. In addition, the roof walkways have been directly integrated onto the transformer to increase space and accessibility for maintenance and control.

First traction transformers have been delivered in May 2011 and should continue until 2020.

Main data
Delivery date: Since 2011
Power: 2,500 kVA
Network: 25kV AC
Insulating fluid: Ester
Position: Roof-mounted
Country: France