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TXplore: Robotic transformer inspections

Internal Inspection of Oil filled Power Transformers

A transformer internal inspection is sometimes required when certain problems in the transformer are identified through diagnostic measures or when a customer would like to perform an inspection to verify the internal condition of the transformer.

The internal inspection can be a costly and time-consuming process when considering the removal of the oil, the permit-required confined space requirements, and the reprocessing and refilling process.  

Hitachi Energy has Health and Safety Procedures established to perform Internal Inspections inside transformers when an inspector person goes inside the transformer.

One of the main ideas of using a Submersible Transformer Inspection Robot to perform an inspection with the transformer filled with oil is to remove completely the risks inherent in having a person working in a confined space and to reduce the time and cost associated with removing the oil.



Hashim Malik

Digital Lead for Middle East & Africa
Hitachi Energy

MBA International Commercial from Stockholm, Sweden.

Over the past 11 years, he held several positions in Hitachi Energy covering HVDC Transformers, LMPT Transformers, Service Transformers and worked in several countries.

Currently based in Dubai as Digital Lead for Hub APMEA (Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa) originally, his home base is Ludvika, Sweden.

Naeem Ahmad

Transformer Specialist Qatar
Hitachi Energy

B-Tech Electrical from Preston University-Pakistan.

Over 19 years international experience in Transformer Services.

Trained TXplore Operator.

Country-based in Qatar as a Transformer Specialist.

Atul Pandey

Digital Technical Champion, Asia Pacific-Middle East-Africa
Hitachi Energy

Bachelor of Science Engineering & Technology Spl. in Industrial Control from BITS, Pilani.

16 years in Hitachi Energy with design and engineering for power transformers & shunt reactors.

Area of work experience: Digitalization, Transformer Monitoring System, Asset PerformanceManagement, Communication Protocols Tendering, Order design, Windings, Active part, Control system & design.

R&D Project: Associated with R&D pilot project for TM1.0 and RMC.

Available on demand

TXplore: Robotic transformer inspections.