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Virtual Booth Tour

Hitachi and Hitachi Energy are exhibiting together at CIGRE Session 2022, sharing the work of our experts across some of the energy sector’s most important topics on how to transition to a more sustainable, resilient, secure and safe energy system.

As part of Hitachi's 100+ year energy business, at Hitachi Energy, we believe that electricity will be the backbone of the entire energy system. Services and digitalization are essential for achieving a sustainable energy future for all and thus we deliver 'the promise of digital made real' by driving powerful customer outcomes every day.

Explore Hitachi & Hitachi Energy’s showcase at CIGRE Session 2022​

Join us at booth S232 and find out more about our offerings around the most pressing challenges and most ambitious goals our markets and customers strive to meet nowadays. Our products and solutions deliver powerful innovation across the complete power sector value chain.

Station 1

Accelerating the shift to renewable power generation

Clean electricity generated by renewables is key to achieving the world’s decarbonization goals. By extending the capacity, capability and role of the grid, Hitachi Energy is accelerating the integration of renewable resources.

Station 2

Ensuring system reliability and resilience

Maintaining and enhancing the system reliability and resilience in an unprecedented transition period which is fueled by development of renewables and the electrification of industrial sectors and is challenged by the geopolitics and supply chain situation, brings Hitachi Energy at the forefront of the energy transition. We work with all stakeholders to design the sustainable energy system of the future and develop solutions to ensure its reliability and resilience.

Station 3

Sustainable solutions to accelerate the energy transition

Besides developing and integrating renewables power and enabling electrification of industrial sectors, the industry is also requested to deploy sustainable infrastructure. EconiQ™ is Hitachi Energy’s eco-efficient portfolio for sustainability where products, services and solutions are proven to deliver exceptional environmental performance.

Station 4

Enable decarbonization of industrial sectors through electrification

Electricity will be the backbone of the entire energy system, and industries are rapidly adopting electrification to achieve sustainability. Hitachi Energy is driving this change and evolving the grid of the future to enable its transformation in an accelerated manner, providing electrification solutions to industrial sectors such as Transportation, Mining, Metals and Oil & Gas among others.

Station 5

Transforming with digital

Digitalization is essential for achieving a sustainable energy future for all. With our domain expertise and technology innovation, we deliver 'the promise of digital made real' with real outcomes for customers around the world and across industries.

Station 6

Service, collaboration, and new business models

To achieve a sustainable energy future for all, we must embrace new ways of thinking, working, and collaborating. At Hitachi Energy, we listen to our customers, we develop new engagement and business models, and we evolve our offering portfolio to enable the acceleration of the energy transition.

Station 7

Powering good with social innovation

Climate change is a planet-wide crisis and resolving it will require a planet-wide solution -through cooperation among corporations, individuals, and governments. We deliver ideas and insights to power good.

Station 8

Imagining our energy future - you write it, we draw it

What will the sustainable energy landscape look like in the future? Share your vision via the tablet at our booth or the link below. See it brought to life on the digital canvas in real-time, by our remotely located sketch artist.

Station 9

Sound Showers

Always keeping our customers at heart, we dedicate two special viewing spots (called 'sound showers') to stories from our customers. That’s where our promise gets real – with real customers and real outcomes.