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Hitachi Energy code of conduct

Hitachi Energy code of conduct

Integrity, together with Safety and Quality, constitutes our license to operate. Integrity is the foundation of our business practices and interactions, and to build and strengthen the desired Integrity mindset we are focusing on introducing essential tools in the organization. Our Code of Conduct outlines the standards of business conduct we expect from everyone. It describes how we work and behave internally and sets the expectations for our dealings with our partners and customers. 

The Code contains five personal integrity commitments that apply to all your business activities. It also includes regulation guidance in specific compliance and integrity core areas that you might encounter from time to time in performing your job responsibilities. It also provides contacts, web links, and other references (HILDI)  to help with questions, additional information and guidance on how to raise concerns.

The updated Code of Conduct, which applies to everyone in the company everywhere, is a clear reminder of our constant pledge to be accountable and to act with unyielding integrity at all times. We encourage you to read this updated Code and share our guidance with suppliers and business partners on how we conduct business in an ethical manner worldwide at all times.

Dominique Abrokwa, Head of Integrity

Who has to follow the Hitachi Energy Code of Conduct?

We expect all of our employees to read, acknowledge, and follow the Hitachi Energy Code of Conduct. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action, and may lead to termination of employment with Hitachi Energy.

Additionally, we expect Hitachi Energy third parties, consultants, contractors, and anyone assigned to provide temporary work or services for Hitachi Energy, to follow the Hitachi Energy Code of Conduct in connection to their work for our company. Failure to do so may result in termination of their relationship with Hitachi Energy.

Does Hitachi Energy have a Supplier Code of Conduct?

It is imperative to Hitachi Energy that our suppliers, who we regard as our “extended enterprise,” conduct business respectfully and with a high standard of integrity, in line with the Hitachi Energy business principles.

As such, the Hitachi Energy Supplier Code of Conduct is integrated into our day-to-day operations and is a fundamental part of our Supplier Qualification, Development and Evaluation Requirements.