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Episode 1: What is Electricity?

Electron transports avid gamer Tahil to the World of Electricity, after he overloads a circuit and causes a power cut while playing his game.

How did Tahil cause the switch to trip?

When Tahil switched on the kettle, there were too many plugged in devices on the circuit causing a switch trip. The fuse in the switch is like a bridge. If too many electrons are running across the bridge, trying to power all the devices, then the bridge will overload and break. 

Why shouldn’t you touch Electron?

Electricity is the flow of electrons, so touching or even being too close to electricity is dangerous since electrons can flow through your body, causing shock that can be painful or even deadly. 

Why did the electrons disappear once the switch tripped?

When a switch trips, it breaks the circuit and there is no longer any electricity to power your devices.

But electrons like to keep moving! If the path in the circuit is broken, then electricity doesn’t just stop - it retreats from the broken circuit to power another one that is complete.