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Episode 3: The Energy transition

Electron challenges determined problem-solver Oway to solve the energy transition – but can the teen navigate the complex maze and find the solutions to create a more sustainable energy future?

Why is the planet getting hotter?

Carbon emissions are the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, mainly caused by human activities. Greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun, and this warms the planet. Activities that contribute to the accumulation of greenhouse gases include burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, natural gas, and deforestation.

What is the energy transition? 

The energy transition is the shift from carbon emitting fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources, like wind and solar. As Oway finds out in the maze, the process is complex because it involves massive infrastructure and technology changes but it’s an essential step to addressing climate change. It will take some decades before we fully get there, and although progress needs to happen quicker - there’s no doubt that the energy transition is accelerating.  

Will there be enough clean electricity to power our planet?

Eventually, yes! But to manage the expected increase in electricity demand, we need to ramp up renewables and create a more sustainable power system to make it happen. The path to total electrification will change our planet for the better and will help alleviate the climate crisis.