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Power Pulse Podcast

Welcome to an electrifying brand-new season!

Come join us as we explore the exciting world of energy, from today’s cutting-edge technology to iconic moments in energy history.

Whether you’re an industry veteran, an aspiring engineer, or simply passionate about all things sustainability, we’ve got you covered with thought-provoking discussions and insights from the most brilliant minds in the industry.

Latest episode


High-voltage R&D powers the future

Research & Development (R&D) is the driving force behind new innovations and better solutions. It is the key to advance high-voltage solutions by creating significant and high-quality improvements. 

In short, R&D makes everything more awesome. It’s all about exploring what’s possible and creating ways to make technology work better. 

You can also read about it here: Exploring future applications of high-voltage technology

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The high-voltage basics

High-voltage systems consist of several components, each serving a significant function to ensure the grid is reliable, stable, and safe. 

In this episode, hear Dr. Christian Ohler breaks down the fascinating world of high-voltage systems, from different types of switchgear to the mechanics behind electricity pylons.

You can also read about it here: High-voltage basics: The backbone of the power grid

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The energy transition and the history of the electrical grid

The energy transition, or ‘Energiewende’, refers to the shift from fossil fuels to renewable resources and more importantly, its bigger goal is to cut CO2 emissions overall, and high voltage is essential to achieving this. 

In our first episode, Dr. Markus Heimbach takes us through the history of the grid, explains why energy networks vary across the world, and tells us about the game-changing high-voltage innovations that are shaping the grid today. 

You can also read about it here: History of the electrical grid

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Learn about the world of energy

High-voltage 101

Learn the basics of high-voltage technologies and systems

Sustainability champion

Discover methods, policies, and global initiatives driving sustainability in the energy sector

Emerging trends

Get a glimpse into the future of sustainable energy and breakthroughs in high-voltage

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