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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 10-09-2020

2 min read

Pakinam Hegazy, UAE

I am proud to be Power Grids because it is a pioneering leader in the energy industry. Its agile growth and lean processes ensure customers from different places around the globe, the best value energy solution that is more reliable, sustainable and greener.

"I am inspired to work Power Grids because there’s my innate curiosity about new technologies, mixed with my eagerness to accept the challenges of our dynamic market. In the ‘energy world,’ the demand on growth meets the provision of the most optimized solution with the highest quality.  

Power Grids supports customers with engineering solutions and project execution expertise in order to leverage common interests and goals for further diversifications energy and renewable projects.

Power Grids offers solutions to different market segments. We provide a good value proposition, backed by our strong experience, our ability to execute complex projects, and leverage on our power transmission electrification solutions. Being a part of the PG team and working to accomplish great projects for the purpose of energy connection, inspire me to fulfill our company’s commitments to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Our team supports public transport and commercial vehicle operators in creating stronger, smarter and greener “CO2-free emissions” grids by providing power to increasingly large e-mobility loads. Our Grid e-Motion Fleet technology can connect directly to any type of grid, remove the complexities of EV charging, save space, lessen cablings required, and provide a more cost-efficient solution.

We help our customers enhance their existing transmission network efficiency by providing Power Quality solutions.

Diversity is key to the success of modern organizations. Exchanging experiences, amongst employees coming from different cultural backgrounds, gender, and with different languages and ideas, result in bringing out the best in each team. It’s a great team to belong in – full of great collaboration and enthusiasm!

Being a strong combined team, I am excited to offer our customers an even more complete range of energy portfolio serving the Power Energy industry -- from energy generation, to end user consumer.”