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Meet Our People 06-04-2023

2 min read

Meet our people: Grzegorz Swieton

My name is Grzegorz Swieton, I lead the Digital solutions team in Global Product Group Grid Edge Solutions in Krakow, Poland.

Prior to joining Hitachi Energy, I was first a software developer in the automotive sector. A few years later, I became a leader of a Team building software for company internal use, and then I moved to another company where software was built for commercial use. 

Why Hitachi Energy?

I purposely joined Hitachi Energy because of its values: software is my passion, and being part of a team whose purpose is contributing to shaping the future of sustainable energy through their products just made sense: my team and I have created a set of System as a Service (SaaS) applications to improve site productivity, forecast renewable energies’ power generation, real-time monitor distributed energy assets, trade energy out of the Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), minimize downtime and increase revenue opportunities. 

What makes me #ProudToBeHitachiEnergy?

As a father of three, my main concern is to actively fight to build a better future for them: what my kids see is their dad sitting at a desk, writing on a computer and talking to people, and when they ask me what my job is I say “see the PV panels on our roof and the app we use to control them? My team and I have created almost the same app but 100 times bigger than the one we have at home. We work to save clean energy for later use, so we don’t have to consume more. 

This makes the electric grid more efficient and able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” It makes me proud to be able to explain why I do it and to share both my passion and my beliefs with them.

Knowing that my efforts matter will hopefully inspire my kids to live in a balanced way. I nonetheless worry about how their life will be and I push myself to do something, to make it better.

Being part of Hitachi Energy makes me feel like I am actively shaping the future to be more sustainable since I am given the chance to add a small coin to the big future budget.