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Spinning reserve

To provide effective spinning reserve, the energy storage system is maintained at a level of charge ready to respond to a generation or transmission outage.

Depending on the application, the system can respond within milliseconds or minutes and supply power to maintain network continuity while the back-up generator is started and brought on line. This enables generators to work at optimum power output, without the need to keep idle capacity for spinning reserves. It can also eliminate the need to have back-up generators running idle.

Hitachi Energy offers turnkey energy storage systems for power requirements ranging from hundreds of kilowatts to tens of megawatts, and including medium- or high-voltage grid connection. By choosing Hitachi Energy as a turnkey system provider, the customer gains a reliable partner for the overall system. Our project team acts as a single point of responsibility, thus minimizing project risk and complexity.

Spinning reserve in energy storage systems

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