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Seeing through switchgear

When coupled with traditional external diagnostic testing, radiography can eliminate unnecessary or invasive internal inspections and maintenance, thus significantly decreasing maintenance costs and improving the reliability of the breaker. The use of Radiography for the diagnostic testing of SF6 circuit breakers allows Hitachi Energy to economically deploy a well-proven technology in a completely new way!


Radiography is the latest x-ray imaging technology, employed in an external environment, to capture detailed digital images of a circuit breaker’s critical internal components. These images are then reviewed by the OEM experts, who check dimensions and tolerances against original component and assembly drawings. This technology can be deployed for half of the maintenance costs associated with more conventional and invasive maintenance practices.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Hitachi Energy can perform radiography on its own equipment and on the products of other manufacturers including legacy equipment
  • Saves costs and downtime and enables better maintenance planning as you can see inside the equipment without having to disassemble it
  • Allocates financial & personnel resources more effectively by pinpointing necessary repairs
  • Eliminates the risk of environmental contaminants entering equipment or risk of SF6 emissions
Radiography Seeing through switchgear

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