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Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS)

Power distribution networks are being transformed by the connection of distributed energy resources (DERs) like rooftop solar and battery energy storage. Distribution network operators need to keep the grid balanced and optimized in real-time while maintaining system reliability and power quality. 

DERMS is a module of our Network Manager ADMS platform, and shares the same single as-operated network model and geospatial control center operator environment. It leverages Hitachi Energy's extensive experience in advanced network applications and distribution operations to significantly reduce voltage excursions and increase hosting capacity in networks with high DER penetration.

  • Integrated with ADMS 
  • Manages various DER and traditional distribution assets e.g. capacitor banks, voltage regulators and tap changers 
  • Maintains situational awareness through a single as-operated network model and unified geospatial control centre operator environment 
  • DER registration – easily register new assets and manage DER events 
  • DER forecasting – forecast available capacity of the DER e.g. solar
  • Optimizes and controls DERs to manage voltage excursions
  • Drives voltage profile (Volt/VAR Optimization) and increases hosting capacity (Active Power Management)
  • Integrates with utility resources as well as aggregators and microgrids 

  • Grid reliability and performance – significantly reduce voltage excursions and maintain higher network stability
  • Network visibility at the Grid Edge – gain insights to DER events and effectively monitor and control assets downstream of the substation and behind the meter
  • Reduce capital expenditure on centralized generation and realize lower operational costs offered by distributed generation
  • Significantly increase network hosting capacity for DERs and achieve regulatory targets for renewable generation, with minimal investment in network capacity

  • High performance and scalability – distributed computing architecture enables the computation of thousands of assets on a distribution network
  • Fast network response, real-time control, and optimization of assets
  • Asset agnostic - manages various categories of distributed energy assets such as batteries, smart solar inverters, capacitors and other controllable loads


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