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PWC600 - Point-on-wave controller Switchsync

For minimizing switching transients and improving power quality in your system.

Switchsync PWC600 - your best choice for all applications

Switchsync PWC600 is Hitachi Energy's newest generation of point-on-wave controllers, based on the successful Relion platform of protection and control products. Offering the full functionality and reliability of previous Switchsync products, it additionally includes Ethernet interfaces, which support modern communication protocols, and enhanced functionality towards the user.

Switchsync PWC600 is designed for single-pole operated circuit breakers, controlling each pole to close and/or open at the point on wave that is optimal for the switched load, the circuit breaker, or power quality. It takes its reference signals from conventional instrument transformers, and/or in digital form from IEC 61850-9-2(LE) compliant merging units.

PWC600-M controlled switching applications

The essential controlled switching operation for each load type is given in parentheses.

  • Capacitor bank (energization)
  • Shunt reactor (de-energization)
  • Power transformer (energization)
  • Transmission line (energization)
  • Power cable (energization) 
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