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IEC 61850 Power Utility Automation

Since its publication in 2004, the global IEC 61850 standard has been accepted at an unexpectedly fast rate. Developed with the support of Hitachi Energy it is the first truly global standard in the electric utility field. 

But the evolution didn‘t stop there. Since the advent of the IEC 61850 edition 2 in 2011 that now also takes the standard outside the substation, Hitachi Energy invested tremendous efforts in implementing this standard in its systems, tools, and products, as Hitachi Energy is truly believing that IEC 61850 is the basis for a successful and modern digital grid.


  • Hitachi Energy's own system verification center
  • Hitachi Energy recognized for the world’s first IED and System configuration tools certified for IEC 61850
  • Flexible product naming
  • Communication Multiservice Platform based on IEC 61850
  • SAM600 process bus I/O system - Enabling the digital substation
  • PTP Network synchronization according to IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3

Benefits from field to operations center

More and more data are being collected thanks to the standard being extended and implemented across the whole power grid. The huge amount of data allows for a much more precise analysis of the status of the network allowing the operator to make the right decision at the right time.

The new Hitachi Energy Ability Ellipse solution offers utilities a proactive approach for predictive maintenance that combines an asset management system with a collection and analysis of performance data and a comprehensive digital grid.

IEC 61850 Power Utility Automation
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