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Wireless Monitor for surge arrester

Wireless Monitor is a remote condition monitoring solution that makes predictive maintenance of surge arresters possible.

Wireless Monitor for surge arrester is a device enabled for the Internet of Things (IoT). It measures overvoltage discharge current and leakage current and communicates this via a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) that allows customers to make informed decisions that reduce substation and grid downtime, increase grid reliability and reduce maintenance costs. It enables continuous diagnosis of the equipment in service, record-keeping of historical data of performance parameters, trend analysis of events, and suggesting necessary corrective action to keep the equipment working effectively.


  • For all types of AIS and GIS surge arrester in MV and HV networks
  • Advantageous for remote installation
  • Retrofitting existing installations
  • Suitable for transmission line surge arresters

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Long-range, low-power communication via LoRaWANTM
  • Cyber-secure protocol
  • Accurate discharge and total leakage current measurement    
  • Ambient temperature and humidity monitoring
  • From analogue to digital in one day
  • Automatic communication of data at regular intervals
  • No power supply wiring
  • Easy to install

Brief performance data

    Wireless Monitor for surge arrester
Communication   LoRaWAN
Discharge current measurement kA 0.5-100
Leakage current measurement mA 0.1-10
Temperature °C -40-85
Relative humidity % 0-100
Power supply   Rechargeable batteries and photovoltaic


For more details see the data sheet in downloads below.

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