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Assets Optimization services of Hitachi Energy

Optimization Services​

Maximize the lifetime value of your assets​

Optimization services are delivered by Hitachi Energy Service experts who have vast technical experience and provide real-world solutions that can be readily implemented.​

Our team of experts can perform assessments via onsite visit to help assess/identify critical equipment and how to minimize risks, as well as through online digital solutions such as remote service assessing, age, visual inspection, reliability-models, real-time condition and failure risk.​

Optimization services include system simulation models based on replicas for large scale systems, and can simulate new functionality in real-time.​

We also use IdentiQ, our digital twin technology - a digital representation of your system designed to monitor and automate the system it replicates, enabling optimization across the entire lifecycle.​

IdentiQ provides clear insight for all your power grid assets, helping you to optimize long-term performance, while keeping your operators safe at all times.

Why Hitachi Energy?
  • Expertise to advise on performance improvement via onsite or remote assessment.​
  • Global support network with extensive experience – underpinned by our uncompromised HSE standards
  • IdentiQ digital twin technology with state-of-the-art data visualization​
  • Our asset optimization services use a proven, continuous improvement methodology, special tools, knowledge of the systems and processes in your operation to identify improvement opportunities.​​