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Customer Success Story

Powering high speed train in South Africa

Traction transformers specially designed to boost Gautrain’s train acceleration

The 80-kilometer Gautrain Rapid Rail Link brings high-speed commuting to Gauteng province, the smallest of the country’s nine provinces, but the most important economically and the most densely populated.

Hitachi Energy played a vital role in the project by providing advanced traction solutions to power the entire line  but also the 24 electric trainsets that operate at speeds of up to 160 km/h.

Each of the 24 four-car electric trainsets is powered by an Hitachi Energy traction transformer and a traction motor manufactured by Hitachi Energy for train provider Bombardier Transportation.

The Gautrain is a variant of Bombardier’s award-winning Electrostar train, which is widely used in the United Kingdom and powered by Hitachi Energy traction transformers and traction motors.

Hitachi Energy has modified the transformer design to meet specific requirements of the Gautrain for high acceleration, low noise emissions and adaptability to the African climate. Chief among these modifications is a huge increase in power of around 40 percent to boost the train’s acceleration.    

Main data
Delivery date: 2006-2010
Power: 2780kVA
Network: 25kV AC
Insulating fluid: Mineral
Position: Under frame
Country: South Africa
High-speed train