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Customer Success Story

Sao Camilo Hospital, Brazil

Improving power quality for reliability and stability

Centro Hospitalar São Camilo, in Ponta Grossa, Paraná State of Brazil, is a world-class healthcare facility. Built over nearly 10,000 square meters area, it consists of all modern healthcare and diagnosis systems, along with dedicated surgical and intensive care units.

Most digital medical devices are equipped with sensitive electronics and microprocessors. Even a minor disruption in power supply can impact the functioning of these devices, creating inaccurate readings and results. Ironically, such disruptions in power supply are caused by the operation with these same instruments. When electronic circuits operate, they introduce a kind of electric pollution called harmonics in the network, which can cause disruptions in voltage and current. Even a minor voltage change can cause incorrect display in a diagnostic machine, or a misrepresented cardiogram or X-ray, causing faulty diagnosis with serious consequences.

Hitachi Energy supplied its active harmonic filter PQFM as a solution to this challenge. The solution can detect even a small disruption in power network, and clear them quickly, accurately and smoothly. This results into stability and reliability of power supply, enabling critical healthcare equipment to operate effectively and accurately.

Main data
Year of installation 2021
Type of product PQFM active filter (3-wire)
No. of units 2
Output capacity 2 x 150 A
Voltage 480 V
Frequency 60 Hz