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Meet Our People Seoul, Korea, Republic of 19-05-2022

3 min read

Da-Young on learning opportunities to achieve more together

My name is Da-Young Kang and I have been a Sales Specialist in Hitachi Energy Korea since September 2021. I have always wanted to do trading as my career which is why my major in university is business administration, specializing in trading. I'm grateful to have this opportunity to work here in Hitachi Energy which has an amazing portfolio of products and solutions.

The range of products that I am focusing on are Dry Transformers for markets in Vietnam and Thailand. Typically, the entire process starts when I receive a Request for Quotation (RFQ) from the Front End Sales (FES) division in Vietnam or Thailand. I will then communicate with the factories to get the design and quote price from the engineers. We calculate pricing based on several factors in mind such as transportation and raw material costs. I closely collaborate with our FES teams to consistently be competitive and deliver our sales goals. 

The nature of my work allows me to interact with many diverse groups of people in the company. I see myself as the middleman among all these groups. Therefore, I have the responsibility to pass and process the correct information across the value chain.

One of the things I enjoy about my work is our international reach and how it enables me to learn from diverse areas of our business.

Looking beyond to learn new things and new challenges

As previously mentioned, my university major is business administration. Therefore, having to know about Dry Transformers is a whole new world altogether. I had almost no knowledge about the technicalities of electricity and transformers before all of this. This presented new opportunities to make learning a part of everyday work.

When I received my first RFQ, I had to quickly pick up all the latest information to process it. Thankfully, I have extremely helpful and friendly colleagues like my managers, seniors and engineers who have earnestly guided me. While it was a challenging journey, it was indeed a fruitful one as I learned so much about how our technologies are advancing a sustainable energy future for all.

The compliment that I received that I am most proud of comes from my manager and senior specialist. They mentioned that I have a strong passion to learn and instantly pick up new information. In no time, I will be well-versed in everything that I will do in the company. This compliment motivated me even more to strive harder to improve myself!

I am proud to be in Hitachi Energy that is trying its best to take care of our well-being, and provide me countless opportunities to upgrade myself. If you have this passion, you will no doubt do great in Hitachi Energy. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions! The community here is really friendly and will be willing to help you out.