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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 25-06-2021

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Omar Osorio, Canada

I am proud to be Power Grids because it empowers me to turn my ideas into drivers for change towards more sustainable and efficient solutions.

Being part of grid automation and microgrid projects for remote communities has made me aware of the real need for sustainable energy projects. It also made me realize the necessity to keep promoting and developing these types of projects. Access to power is not something you take for granted.  Creating a sustainable infrastructure for the future is a big driver for me.

What empowers me to make good use of my ideas is Power Grids’ ability to engage actively with a group of people and to collaborate mutually towards a common goal, which is to support fully our customer’s needs for efficient, innovative, and environmentally friendly solutions.

At Power Grids, cultural diversity is the new norm.  It is motivating to share ideas and interact with colleagues in a dynamic and empowering environment. Hitachi Power Grids’ culture understands this well and aligns its social commitment and responsibilities for sustainable energy with our own technological solutions.

I can see more sustainable and efficient solutions arising in our future with Hitachi.  I am very excited for the HITACHI era as it brings a new and fresh perspective of digital grid optimization and integrates technology with people throughout social innovation flagship.