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Meet Our People Tokyo, Japan 27-10-2022

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Tsuyoshi Matsumura is embracing innovations to create more inclusive sustainable energy solutions

Tsuyoshi Matsumura Grid Integration, Project Engineer, Hitachi Energy Japan

I am a member of the Project Engineering Team of our Grid Integration business here in Hitachi Energy Japan. My daily tasks include confirming the specifications of equipment and facilities, negotiating with suppliers and customers, and coordinating test details at factories and delivery sites. I am involved in a variety of assignments ranging from design to commissioning coordination for power plants, industrial facilities, and substation facilities using renewable energy.

In Japan, the FIT (Feed-in Tariff) scheme was introduced in 2012 to promote power generation from renewable energy sources, and since then the amount of solar power generation has increased significantly. Under these circumstances, we have proposed and been selected by many customers across the value chain for substation facilities.

I am proud of the fact that we can contribute to resolving the energy transition of our customers and partners while offering cost advantages.

As we celebrate World Cities Day this October 31, we focus on future-proofing strategies for cities to contribute to a sustainable urban development. Interest in sustainable development is growing by the day. In Japan, the 'Carbon Neutrality in 2050' declared in 2020 is compelling municipalities and companies to respond in various ways. For example, I believe we will see more efforts to switch to purchasing electricity from retail power suppliers and to use renewable energy sources. Our substation solutions have been selected by many customers for solar power plants. We will continue to expand the range of systems we can propose to support the efforts of local governments and companies to become carbon neutral. 

Demonstrating our strength: Creating new value and reducing total costs

Our department combines each piece of equipment purchased from various suppliers and makes proposals as a substation system that meets the customer's requirements. We actively incorporate products not only from our own plants but also from other companies with superior performance. A sample proposal we did was to reduce the amount of wiring by replacing a lot of electrical wiring with Modbus1, IEC618502 compliant communication, etc. These require a very broad product knowledge of substation equipment. In addition, prompt and precise communication is required daily when working with people from different countries and cultures around the world.

Hitachi Energy has product specialists at each of its plants around the world. We have a global team working together on projects, and each plant has a proven track record of delivering products to a variety of countries and regions. This is why I believe that one of our unique strengths is our ability to resolve issues related to product specifications in a timely manner while maintaining close contact with each manufacturing team.

Whenever I see Hitachi Energy's products specified in a customer's specification requirements or our products being used in an overseas customer's industrial facilities, I am reminded of the high quality of our products and am inspired to work with confidence in my daily duties. 


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