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Vertical-break disconnector DDV245

Maximum reliability and minimal maintenance

The DDV245 vertical break disconnector requires the optimized spaces in both horizontal and vertical directions, making it suitable for substations with small installation area. The DDV245 disconnector is available for rated parameters 245 kV, 3150A and 63kA

Main features

  • Self-aligning, double motion contact system for stability at higher short circuit levels
  • Jaw type contacts at the hinge and far end
  • Special reverse loop contact design for higher short circuit withstand capability
  • Contact opening of greater than 90 degrees
  • Tested and proven design for operation in seismic and icy conditions
  • Well balanced and mechanically safe and compact design
  • Prevention of over-travel
  • Simple and stable turn and twist arrangement

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Worldwide experience
  • Maximum reliability and minimal maintenance
  • Energy efficient solution
  • Easy and quick erection
  • Reliable and smooth operation
  • Suitable for wide range of environmental conditions

Brief performance data

Rated voltage (kV) 245
Rated current (A) 3150
Short time withstand current (kA) 63 kA/3s
Power frequency withstand voltage  
· against earth 545
· across isolating distance 600
Lightning impulse withstand voltage  
· against earth 1050
· across isolating distance 1155

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