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CoreTec® 2.2

Hitachi Energy's CoreTec® (formerly named TEC) monitoring contains unique built-in knowledge about your transformer assets and converts a multitude of data into a user friendly online health status indicator.

Modern monitoring systems, such as Hitachi Energy's CoreTec® (Transformer Electronic Control), not only aim to detect faults but also provide data collection functionality for condition assessment. Besides using direct measurements, the diagnostic evaluation relies on theoretical considerations, drawing on Hitachi Energy’s in-depth knowledge of transformers and modern design tools.

CoreTec® has built-in monitoring of temperatures, currents and tap-changer, including advanced thermal models for both the transformer and the tap-changer. These models do not only calculate hot-spot temperatures according to IEC and IEEE standards, but also models the complete thermal behavior, allowing comparison between measured and expected readings. Depending on customer requests and transformer applications, additional IEDs can be added

Acting as the main, central IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) unit of the transformer, i.e., as the communication hub for all other IEDs, the end customer has a single user friendly web interface for all the monitoring equipment as well as a single source for setup of protocol communication to SCADA systems.

Valuable information to support asset managers in their decisions is also obtainable via on-line monitoring. These solutions have been widely developed in the past decade and installed in an increasing number of transformers. The technical demands of smart grids are driving the emergence of new technologies that monitor transformers with smaller ratings. At the same time, the needs of higher ratings are evolving from simple alarms and breakoff-trend analysis to the ability to provide online diagnosis, prognosis and recommended actions.

Perhaps the greatest contribution is the ability to turn raw data into actionable information at either the transformer level or a fleet level. New methods of communication as well as information technology solutions are being used to efficiently transfer data, store large quantities of data over decades and easily retrieve information that can be delivered remotely to different stake holders (CEO, CFO, asset managers, operation, maintenance), in a format suitable to their specific needs.

Why Hitachi Energy's CoreTec® ?

  • As measurement is easy, interpretation is hard, CoreTec® helps you convert streams of data into information using a user friendly interface, requiring a minimum of training
  • With a strong mechanical stability, temperature endurance and modular design, the platform is expandable allowing for a long life span
  • Hitachi Energy offers you 24/7 forecast and event diagnostics for all signals

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