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High-voltage portfolio of tomorrow

Hitachi Energy is a global technology leader with a combined heritage of almost 250 years in high-voltage and has a deep focus on research and development. We are constantly innovating and enhancing our portfolio with new products, features, and ratings. This webinar showcases the trends, new high-voltage technology, and solutions that enable stronger, smarter, and greener grids.



Christian Ohler

Global Portfolio Manager, High Voltage Products

Christian Ohler is the Global Portfolio Manager for the Business Unit High Voltage Products, within Hitachi Energy. He holds a Ph.D. in semiconductor physics from RWTH Aachen. Christian joined Hitachi Energy in 1998 in the Corporate Research Center, Switzerland, and since, has gathered extensive experience in research and development, product development, and product management.

His interest areas include the application and performance of products used in the power system and the physical and economic aspects of the energy transition. As Global Portfolio Manager for High Voltage Products, Christian plays a key role in shaping the technology and innovations that support the development of stronger, smarter, and greener grids.

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High-voltage portfolio of tomorrow.