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Community engagement

Trust is built through transparency and honesty. To be successful, we must build each stakeholder's trust through the integrity of our words and our actions.

Hitachi Energy supports international efforts to embed integrity into the conduct of business sectors. While government initiatives are vital to continued progress against corruption, the private sector has an important role to play. Hitachi Energy  contributes to the following organizations and initiatives related to integrity:

Hitachi Energy  is a signatory to the World Economic Forum’s “Partnering Against Corruption Initiative” (PACI), signed by more than 100 companies committed to strengthening efforts to counter corruption and bribery. [m1] PACI offers a risk mitigation platform to help companies to design and implement effective policies and systems to prevent, detect and address corruption; benchmark internal practices against global best practice through peer exchange and learning; and to level the playing field through collective action with other companies, governments and civil society.

As a founding member of the United Nations Global Compact, Hitachi Energy has been closely involved in its development[m1] . Hitachi Energy’s  understanding of human rights and day-to-day business benefits from involvement in such organizations. Hitachi Energy  participates in collective action initiatives against corruption. In addition, Hitachi Energy has taken note of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and is using its recommendations to assess expectations of corporate behavior.

Our Integrity program mirrors the framework stated in Transparency International's Business Principles for Countering Bribery, which was created as guidance for enterprises in developing, benchmarking, and strengthening their anti-bribery programs. To that end, the principles reflect Hitachi Energy's commitment on all levels to integrity, transparency, and accountability, as well as our zero-tolerance policy on bribery and all other violations of the Hitachi Energy Code of Conduct

Hitachi Energy  is a member of organizations such as the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA), a[m1]  community that connects senior compliance practitioners with industry thought leaders and provides the comprehensive tools and resources needed to advance the dialogue and raise the bar for best practices.

Hitachi Energy is a founding member of Ethics and Compliance Switzerland (ECS), an [m1] interdisciplinary professional society whose goals are to promote ethics and integrity in both private and public organizations, as well as to promote sustainable "best practices" in compliance. This enables Hitachi Energy to develop and contribute to the overall development of systematic values and integrity in various organizations throughout Switzerland and abroad.

Hitachi Energy subscribes to externally developed charters and principles for sustainability management. Applying such principles is helping Hitachi Energy to make progress in core areas.

Additionally, Hitachi Energy has a long list of principal memberships and associations involving sustainability.

Hitachi Energy also regularly engages in working groups to help eradicate corruption by cooperating with global companies across industries such as in-country Transparency International round table discussions and G20 anti-corruption working group conferences.