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Resolving issues

Hitachi Energy Code of Conduct

Hitachi Energy applies zero tolerance and takes the appropriate disciplinary action

Hitachi Energy is focused on preventing, detecting and remediating integrity concerns. We enforce a strict zero tolerance policy for violations of the law or the Hitachi Energy Code of Conduct, and we will take the appropriate disciplinary action – including termination of employment – against employees who violate the law or the Hitachi Energy Code of Conduct.

Anti-bribery reviews of business units and countries globally are conducted frequently throughout the year. Each review includes examination of business processes, accounts and balances, and tests transactions to assess robustness of controls and identify possible violations. The anti-fraud program is also monitored by internal audit who regularly evaluates fraud risk exposure and developing trends. This is a cross functional analysis of 21 program elements and the response plan to prevent and detect potential fraud.


Resolving any potential integrity concerns.

All reports come into the Office of Special Investigations, a function of the integrity team reporting to Head of Integrity Hitachi Energy. OSI has dedicated investigators working in multiple regions.

All allegations / reported issues are appropriately investigated, exposures mitigated and disciplinary actions taken as applicable and appropriate. The special investigation officers work in a coordinated effort with functions such as internal audit and Legal and Integrity in delivering a wide-range of investigation support on all aspects of conducting investigations at Hitachi Energy.