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Training and Communications

Training and Communications Programs
With our strong training and communications component, you will learn more about our e-learnings, our face-to-face trainings, and communications activities.

Key messages

Every employee at Hitachi Energy must understand that:

  • Hitachi Energy must not, should not, and will not break the law
  • Hitachi Energy competes and wins only by playing by the rules
  • The Hitachi Energy Code of Conduct and the detailed policies written in the Hitachi Energy Corporate Regulations, together explain the behavior expected of every employee.
  • Hitachi Energy remains proactive by implementing ongoing and systematic training and communications, conducting internal surveys, and committing resources to adequately implement the Hitachi Energy Integrity Program.

Management's Responsibility

The chief responsibility for ensuring that employees are aware of and embrace these messages lies with the businesses. Business Unit Managing Directors and Business Unit Controllers regularly review and report on integrity and compliance developments in their business, and the issues are a regularly required agenda item for reviews by the businesses. They are also an element in the businesses' performance evaluations.

“Hitachi Energy is committed to fostering a culture where integrity is woven into the fabric of everything we do,” said Andrew Law, Hitachi Energy’s Head of Legal and Integrity. “We want integrity to be embedded in our businesses and processes, and reflected in our employees' behavior. This means acting responsibly as individuals and as a company.”