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Features 07-02-2020

2 min read

ABB wins German Design Award for smart building innovation

ABB’s winning combination of high-end design values and innovative digital solutions for smart buildings continues to attract awards. The company has received recognition from the German Design Council’s prestigious German Design Awards for the innovative IP touch 7” visualisation panel.

The German Design Awards recognize projects that represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape. A jury of 40 leading international designers considers more than 5,000 submissions, selecting only the products, media and architecture that advance international design.

Accepting the accolade on behalf of the design team, Oliver Iltisberger, Managing Director of ABB’s Smart Buildings business line, said: “This award is a testament to ABB’s design philosophy, which elevates advanced technologies into inspiring and intuitive innovations. At ABB, we believe pioneering design is the key ingredient in successful smart buildings.“

“To receive recognition from the German Design Council – an organization dedicated to promoting closer relationships between technology and design – is a huge honour,” Iltisberger added.

The IP touch 7” visualisation panel is an elegant central control unit for modern smart homes and buildings that can also provide door communication, for screening and admitting visitors. The device combines ergonomics, technology and inspiring design to provide exceptional ease of use and user experience.

The aesthetics are matched by the IP touch’s 7” superior connectivity, linking readily with both the ABB free@home® and ABB i-bus® KNX smart building systems. The innovative interface enables users to control their entire environment, adjusting lighting, HVAC, audio, blinds and other applications from a single, intuitive interface. The touchscreen also provides an induction loop for hearing-impaired users.  

“Digital innovations encourage people to think differently about how they interact with their environment, encouraging and enabling them to use energy more efficiently,” said Iltisberger. “The design language ABB uses is an essential part of communicating these values to users and making their engagement a more rewarding experience.”