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Features Zurich, Switzerland 19-04-2020

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Powering Sweden’s next generation green datacenters

ABB Power Grids’ high-voltage technologies will secure reliable power supply to four datacenters

Sweden is a constant top-performer in sustainability rankings. Pursuing an ambitious “Fossil Free Sweden” initiative, its government aims to make the country carbon neutral by 2045. Technology companies focusing on sustainability can, therefore, find fertile ground for their green operations here and that’s exactly what’s happening. Four of new world-class datacenters will be built in the country, feeding the infrastructures with renewable electricity and planning for zero-waste operations.

ABB Power Grids is providing reliable high-voltage equipment for this project, working closely with Linjemontage, a leading Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). Together with Vattenfall, a leading European energy company, the companies are enabling reliable supply of 100 percent renewable electricity.

Computer servers store intangible data and share it with our laptops and mobile phones, creating a cloud-based virtual world. However, every click puts servers at work consuming real-world electricity. These servers operate in datacenters directly connected to the high-voltage network. Safety and reliability of power equipment is, therefore, vital for the stable operation of the cloud-based infrastructure.

“Our well-proven high-voltage technology will secure reliable power supply for the new green datacenters in Sweden” says Markus Heimbach, Managing Director of ABB’s Power Grids Grid High Voltage Business Line. “We are proud to play our part in supporting the need for increased power supply while minimizing the carbon footprint”.

To protect electrical interconnections and help prevent power outages, ABB is supplying disconnecting circuit breakers (DCB) that will also significantly reduce the footprint of the equipment. Each DCB is integrated with breaking and disconnecting functions in one. The supply also includes instrument transformers and surge arresters to further increase power reliability and control. These products will be designed, manufactured and delivered from our factory in Ludvika, Sweden.


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