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Product Release Mannheim, Germany 09-01-2020

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RTU500 series enables secure and robust fleet management with the 12.6 release


Release 12.6 enables a secure and robust fleet management for the customers' installed remote terminal units (RTUs). RTU500 series with its integrated central management features provides network operators with an easy and secure tool for staying up to date and in control of their intelligent RTU device fleet.

New features and benefits

Script interface: to support fleet management of installed RTUs related to file handling of:

  • RTU configuration files
  • RTU firmware
  • RTU HMI files
  • PLC packages
  • Password files
  • Support of MultiCMU configuration

The upload and download of files is supported. The scripts run in Microsoft PowerShell ISE environment

Secure authentication supported by IEC 60870-5-104 protocol based on IEC62351-5. 

Simplified testing and commissioning: Possible to change PLC parameter during runtime via web browser 

Webstart for integrated HMI: The new web start function allows the usage of the newest Java version (e.g. Rel. 11, 13). Commercial agreements for commercial use of java 8 are no more required. The start of the integrated HMI can be done from desktop by batch file or as application. 

Brute force attack monitoring and protection: In case of several unsuccessful login attempts to RTU500 (wrong password and/or user name) the login will be blocked for a time period.

Protect manipulation of configuration data: Download of configuration data is only possible with valid username and password. Manipulation with card reader are detected and refused by RTU500.

Monitoring of SD card: If SD card is unplugged during operation a system event is created. Based on that system event a alarm can be initiated.

MODBUS host communication: Function code 15 and 16 are now supported for Host communication. This function supports industrial SCADA projects based on MODBUS communication.

DNP3 host communication: A configurable waiting time will improve the support of radio net works.

New Multimeter 500CVD90: For secondary distribution (SDA) application a new multimeter with detection functions, power quality monitoring and disturbance recorder function with COMTRADE file support is available. For details please check the datasheet

ATS function: For secondary distribution automation a PLC library function for automatic transfer switch function with 5 different modes is available. Function is pretested and works according this description. Function can be ordered on pricelist (BOL) -> Flyer

Technical requirements and supported products

This Release is supported by the RTU500 series with the product lines RTU560, RTU540 and RTU520.


Following documents are available for download:

  • Documents will be found on the RTU page under downloads -> link
  • RTU500 Release 12.6 release notes

Firmware and software download

Please see link section below.

Ordering and delivery information

The new Release 12.6 is available for download in the ABB Library and Partner portal. More information will be provided by the responsible sales manager link or your local ABB sales representative and during the offered webinars.

Kind regards,

Sigbert Reimann, Product Manager, Grid Automation Products