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Product Release Västerås, Sweden 15-03-2020

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Release of Switchsync™ PWC600 version 1.1

MARCH 6TH, 2020

The evolution of Switchsync PWC600 continues with this release.

We are pleased to announce the release of Switchsync PWC600 version 1.1, our flagship controlled switching IED. With this update, we bring several new features and enhancements. The release contains pre-configured IEDs covering most application areas of controlled switching.

Switchsync PWC600 is universally applicable to controlled switching of all common load types including capacitor banks, shunt reactors, no-load power transformers, and unloaded transmission lines and cables. With the introduction of version 1.1 of PWC600, we further expand the application areas especially for electrically or magnetically coupled loads and for variable operating scenarios, enhancing the system functionality and flexibility. Key features such as setting groups, arbitrary switching strategies, and automatic optimization of practical switching targets are introduced in this release.

Please read all about the release here.

Ordering and delivery

Switchsync PWC600 version 1.1 products can be ordered as of today. For current delivery time, please get in touch with your local sales contact at ABB Power Grids, High Voltage Products.

Kind regards,

Helen Hedlund
Global Product Manager
ABB Power Grids
High Voltage Products

Lars Frisk
Global Lead Product Manager
ABB Power Grids
Grid Automation Products