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Product Release 08-05-2020

2 min read

UL certification for Relion® 670 series, 650 series, SAM600-IO

Hitachi Energy is happy to announce that the Relion 670 series, 650 series and SAM600-IO intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), have been confirmed to comply with the applicable requirements of UL and have been granted the UL and ULC (certified for Canada) certification - according to the standards for UL NRGU, UL product category for protective relays.

Certification standards and UL

Established over a century ago, UL is a globally recognized leader in independent safety science. UL has customers that are based in more than 100 countries and employees in more than 40 countries. UL Marks appear on tens of billions of products globally.

The certification received is aimed towards the Relion 670 series, 650 series and SAM600-IO IEDs, – according to the standards for UL NRGU, UL product category for protective relays. This category includes relays directly associated with power switchgear. Basic standards used to investigate products in this category cover industrial control devices and systems that are used in the control, management and protection of electric motors and other industrial equipment; ground-fault current sensing devices; and relaying equipment among others.

Why are microprocessor based relays important?

Intelligent electronic devices or microprocessor based relays offer a wide range of functionality across protection, control, measurement and supervision of power systems making sure your power infrastructure stays reliable and safe. The Relion family of products offers flexible functionality, is scalable to future needs and has long-term lifecycle support. The over 200,000 devices installed worldwide have been extensively tested, are durable and are entrusted to operate reliably in harsh environments.

Customer satisfaction

Maintaining a safe work environment for our customers is of the utmost importance. Solutions from the Relion family offer innovation and deliver world class applications to meet the most demanding requirements. The Relion 670, 650 and SAM600-IO UL recognition reinforces the over 100 years of customer satisfaction and trust in the safe and reliable protection and control of power system assets.

This product has earned the UL Certification Mark. Representative samples of this product have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable standards. It is indeed a major accomplishment supporting our core values.