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Product Release Västerås, Global 12-08-2021

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Release of PCM600 2.10 Hotfix 20210804

PCM600 2.10 Hotfix 2021
A hotfix package for Protection and Control IED Manager PCM600 version 2.10 has been released. We highly recommend the installation of this hotfix 20210804 when using PCM600 version 2.10.

In the section below you will find more details about improvements and corrections done in the hotfix.  


  • Corrected loss of GOOSE connections in Signal Matrix on import and export of SCD file

    The following is required for the project where Sample Measured Values (SMVs) connections are made in Signal Matrix using PCM600 2.10 Hotfix 20210622.exe:

    - If any SCD file has been imported and configuration is written to IED, install PCM600 2.10 Hotfix 20210804.exe, reconnect SMVs in Signal Matrix and rewrite the configuration to IED.

    - If any SCD file has been imported and configuration is not written to IED yet, it is required to install PCM600 2.10 Hotfix 20210804.exe and read the configuration from IED. 

This hotfix includes also the previously released hotfix for PCM600 version 2.10: 

  • PCM600 2.10 Hotfix 2020622.exe
  • PCM600 2.10 Hotfix 20201215.exe
  • PCM600 2.10 Hotfix 20200921.exe
  • PCM600 2.10 Hotfix 20200424.exe

Note: If the previously released hotfix package for PCM600 version 2.10 is already installed, then only the new hotfixes will be applied. If earlier hotfix for PCM600 version 2.10 has not been installed, then this hotfix package will apply all the updates.

The Hotfix 20210804 for PCM600 version 2.10 is available via the PCM600 Update Manager and Software Library. It contains the following file: 

  • PCM600 2.10 Hotfix 20210804.exe

We recommend the installation of this Hotfix 20210804 when using PCM600 version 2.10.

For more information, please contact your local Hitachi ABB power grids representative.

Hitachi ABB power grids constantly examines both operational and new software to identify possible faults or product improvements, issuing hotfixes where appropriate. We apologize for any inconvenience the identified faults have caused.

Known limitations 

Avoid using F3 key when working with data grid in PCM600 version 2.10 and hotfixes.